Come On Out of the Dark:
a Memorialization of the Ubiquitous Things of the Everyday Environment

2020 - 2021
mixed media

Come On Out of the Dark is a project that documents ubiquitous domestic objects that live in a place of darkness, silence and powerlessness. The series make a feminist statement by questioning the objects' gendered associations through a multidisciplinary approach: interactive archival system, concrete poetry, performance and sculpture.

The project’s archival system consists of concrete poetry, collages, photographs and connect-the-dots worksheets.

The interactivity of the archive allows the viewer to decipher language and puzzles that relate to judgmental situations and environments. All of these approaches encourage the viewer to rethink the way they treat everything and everyone around them.

Along with the interactive archive and a pair of work gloves, one edition of 15 sculptures of hammers and one edition of 5 paper dolls were made. The archive comes in a pack with a red pencil and a pair of work gloves. The work gloves are meant to be worn at all times when looking through the archival materials.

Paper dolls are a part of a performance approach: the artist, her clothing and objects were photographed and printed, then cut out. Paper dolls were made to blur the line between traditional ways of dressing up. The viewer is given a set of clothing, which can be mixed however they like.